This Continent Had To Be Won…


The furious whirling rainbows of dance end with the first shot but are incomplete.

Mama. Mama!

She does not hear the booms of what she cannot know as gun fire.

She yelps thrusting her arms out and away hoping to grab hold. She finds nothing and no one.

Her new being splits her bud lips into soundless, mouthed wailing.

Her new lessons stretch her taut.

As she is about to tear, she is lifted and held close to a new back.

She lays her fevered cheek against the rough, pink shawls of another.

A stranger, an elder from another tribe.

Her dark, long hair smells of the smoke of an unknown fire, of another stripped bare.

She closes her eyes with brown fingers laced in her new woman.


Mama. Mama!

Who are they?

They are the end.

Mama. Mama!

What are you doing?

Making marriage soup to save…

What is save?

Allowing your tomorrows to come and go.

What are these?

Tears, my love, tears.

When will they end?

As you open your mouth and sip the soup.

They barge in, again breaking her bowl. The blood earns title to the soil. No purpose left.

The dry land drinks the mixing soup of sobs and veins and dies in its thirst for more.


Their ghosts shadow a scar across the cheeks of a new people.

Creating other bowls filled with broth where bitter meets sweet.

Moving but are not lost.

Stopping pipelines.

Mama. Mama!

What is that?

The dance continues.


Trump Disabled

Abraham Lincoln suffered from depression. Franklin Roosevelt suffered from polio. George Bush suffers from alcoholism. And, Donald Trump suffers from narcissism.

Narcissism is not a character defect; it is a personality disorder.

Narcissism stems from the natural need for acceptance and belonging being perverted by trauma.

He hurts, because he was hurt.

But, this is not about his choices. This is about ours.

When we call him crazy and evil in the same breath, we are being ableist. In this time of public healthcare crisis, ableism from the left is as dangerous as it is from the right.

If everyone is willing to shame the president of the United States for being sick, how can sick people with less clout feel comfortable coming forward for help?

Stigma creates secret, invisible cages barring people from care, support, and wellness.

Furthermore, our cultural sensitivity is not real if only reserved for people we like.

If you must, attack his policy but not the man.

If you hate Trump and the best you can do is call him a whack job, crazy, insane, a lunatic or mad man, then your best is fraught with the very prejudice and insensitivity you accuse him of.

We can do and be better, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

How Did You Spend Your Day Without Immigrants?

“Everyone is from somewhere else.” Richard Spencer

American immigrants are not just brown or Muslim.

My mother was Scotch-Irish. My father was Italian. The largest mass lynching in America was of eleven Italians in New Orleans in 1891.

My late wife, Judith, suffered from schizophrenia.

City Council members Kristen Szakos and Mike Signer made a big production of listening to the local immigrants last night in the basement of Covenant Church, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

They had no answer how to really help them even do simple things like fill their prescriptions for tooth aches without identification.

They did however have some advice on how avoid deportation.

The commonwealth attorney suggested with a smile, “Do the things that ordinary people do. Do not do anything crazy!”

The indirect condescension and direct ableism made me vomit a little in my mouth.

Well meaning liberals in high office are even worse than the violent, loud, powerless ones.

Take them down.

Stop The Incineration Of Little Old White Ladies!

She looked a little like an older Patsy Cline barefoot in her pink house dress with tiny white flowers.  She invited me in and offered me a cup of coffee.  Her husband sat in his recliner and offered the occasional comment usually correcting something she had said… lovingly.

I interviewed them about what they thought about the Dominion power company building a station across the field from where they had lived for over twenty years.

They told me they were against the Union Hill compressor station.  They told me they had signed the petitions to stop it.  They told me they were afraid of being blown up.  They told me they felt ignored by big business and big government.

They also showed me their huge garden in their backyard.  They pray over their produce and give most of it away.  What they can not give away, they can.

Some think Union Hill, being a predominantly black community, deserves to be in the blast zone of a fiery disaster waiting to happen.

This thinking disappears the good white folks who have done nothing to deserve this abuse of personal property and public safety.

All they have done is choose a simpler way of rural, farm life.

Get involved!

Without you, some of the most beautiful farm country, local history, and great people will be wiped away.




A Note To My Detractors

I pray my post finds you in a time of wisdom and prosperity.

You are mistaken in your post about Joe Draego not hitting a white woman in the face.

I hope you weren’t attempting to question my honor and integrity by calling me a liar. I hope you meant that I was mistaken like you.

Your apparent reliance on local news media and police make me wonder if you are really white and from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

Do you think the Charlottesville liberal media is competent enough or unbiased enough to accurately report the news?

Do you think the police under a Jew Mayor and the new monk chief really cares about preserving white values like defense of white women?

If you really think yes to these questions, my call out was not for you.

If you know the right answers and are part of the white man’s struggle, you can ask Joe yourself why he hit her.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my message but I prefer your questioning be via email ( and not in public. But, of course you are free to do as you wish.

Mistakes happen.

Trust that you can do and be better.

Our Women Are Under Attack!

“A nation that sends its women to fight its wars is not worth defending.” Richard Spencer

It is a sad state of affairs when a white supremacist forgets his southern gentleman code about defending white femininity at all costs.

Yesterday afternoon, at Lee Park, Joe Draego struck a white woman in the face in front of a bunch of witnesses leaving a mark.

And, a lot of “men” stood by and did nothing.

In our attempt to save a symbolic statue move (with the threat of law suit, it will never physically be moved), we ignored a white woman being physically assaulted by a black and brown centrist, violent “white” man.

We may lose our cool, but more was lost.

All the work we tried to do about reframing the Lee statue conservative debate is done.

We look like a bunch of barbarians.

Not good strategy.

On Shaming The Poor

“The real White People’s Burden is to civilize ourselves.” Richard Spencer

When we declare poverty only a problem of the inferior blacks, we shame and abandon poor whites.

A majority of the recipients of state care in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA are white women and their children.

When we pretend our people are not impoverished and in need, we don’t support the programs of social uplift that would mainly serve this vulnerable population.

So, change the paradigm of race baiting using classist rhetoric for the sake of our less fortunate mothers and daughters and sons.

And, more importantly, stop centering your thinking on brownness and blackness and ask yourself, “What have I done to directly and positively impact my people today?”

Regarding Jason Kessler

He is useful. But, not to us.

His narrative centers Wes Bellamy and rich Muslim visitors controversies. He centers blackness and brownness.

No one really took Wes seriously until defending him became the right, white liberal and moderate black thing to do.

Wes’ embroilment in this twitter controversy emboldened him to back and win the Lee statue symbolic removal from Lee Park.

Bob Fenwick alluded to this when he said his deciding vote was due to the death threats Wes had received.

Jason took a token and made him a local legend or metaphoric martyr or at least a talking point.

Before Jason’s work, we had successfully centered our focus on Mike Signer and Kristen Szakos. We had effectively disappeared Wes into Kristen’s background or as an easy counter point to Mike’s pro-development, conservative agenda.

So, by putting Wes in the forefront as a rainmaker, I feel he has set back white supremacy in Charlottesville by at least ten years.

This happens when we put our egos before the movement.

People who are behind may ask, “Who is Jason without Wes?”

The more important question is “Who is Wes without Jason?”

Calling On The Morally Right Of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Charlottesville, we must stop the oppression of those who uphold local history, constitutional democracy, art, and peace.

Charlottesville, we must move to integrity, honesty, and piety and away from radical Marxist narratives, politically correct rhetoric, and other un-values that mar the moral fabric of our community.

Charlottesville, we must do and be better.

Or, the war on our people will leave our wives, daughters, parents—-victims.

Do not be a casualty of change, be a hero!

Heroism comes in many forms.

Mine is of the every day/ordinary nature. I want to serve my community full time, but I need your help.

I want to redirect liberal media in our community by creating our own magazines, blogs, social media networks, podcasts, books, and shows.

Ultimately, I want to shut down those who would murder the best parts of ourselves and our society.

Please, consider funding my vision of bringing Charlottesville back to the light.

If you are interested in cultural uplift, please contact me about my fundraising endeavors @

Thank you for your time and attention!