Abraham Lincoln suffered from depression. Franklin Roosevelt suffered from polio. George Bush suffers from alcoholism. And, Donald Trump suffers from narcissism.

Narcissism is not a character defect; it is a personality disorder.

Narcissism stems from the natural need for acceptance and belonging being perverted by trauma.

He hurts, because he was hurt.

But, this is not about his choices. This is about ours.

When we call him crazy and evil in the same breath, we are being ableist. In this time of public healthcare crisis, ableism from the left is as dangerous as it is from the right.

If everyone is willing to shame the president of the United States for being sick, how can sick people with less clout feel comfortable coming forward for help?

Stigma creates secret, invisible cages barring people from care, support, and wellness.

Furthermore, our cultural sensitivity is not real if only reserved for people we like.

If you must, attack his policy but not the man.

If you hate Trump and the best you can do is call him a whack job, crazy, insane, a lunatic or mad man, then your best is fraught with the very prejudice and insensitivity you accuse him of.

We can do and be better, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.


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