She looked a little like an older Patsy Cline barefoot in her pink house dress with tiny white flowers.  She invited me in and offered me a cup of coffee.  Her husband sat in his recliner and offered the occasional comment usually correcting something she had said… lovingly.

I interviewed them about what they thought about the Dominion power company building a station across the field from where they had lived for over twenty years.

They told me they were against the Union Hill compressor station.  They told me they had signed the petitions to stop it.  They told me they were afraid of being blown up.  They told me they felt ignored by big business and big government.

They also showed me their huge garden in their backyard.  They pray over their produce and give most of it away.  What they can not give away, they can.

Some think Union Hill, being a predominantly black community, deserves to be in the blast zone of a fiery disaster waiting to happen.

This thinking disappears the good white folks who have done nothing to deserve this abuse of personal property and public safety.

All they have done is choose a simpler way of rural, farm life.

Get involved!

Without you, some of the most beautiful farm country, local history, and great people will be wiped away.





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