I pray my post finds you in a time of wisdom and prosperity.

You are mistaken in your post about Joe Draego not hitting a white woman in the face.

I hope you weren’t attempting to question my honor and integrity by calling me a liar. I hope you meant that I was mistaken like you.

Your apparent reliance on local news media and police make me wonder if you are really white and from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

Do you think the Charlottesville liberal media is competent enough or unbiased enough to accurately report the news?

Do you think the police under a Jew Mayor and the new monk chief really cares about preserving white values like defense of white women?

If you really think yes to these questions, my call out was not for you.

If you know the right answers and are part of the white man’s struggle, you can ask Joe yourself why he hit her.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my message but I prefer your questioning be via email (victorhaywood78@gmail.com) and not in public. But, of course you are free to do as you wish.

Mistakes happen.

Trust that you can do and be better.


6 thoughts on “A Note To My Detractors

  1. I have to admit that i do not understand your initial post or this response? It sounds to me like you called Joe Draego a white supremicist and made the false allegation that he struck this woman in the face. I’ve watched the video and it clearly shows that he took back the phone from the person who stole it. At no time did his arm rise above shoulder level to strike her in the face.
    I don’t understand your characterization of “Jew Mayor and the new monk chief” as describing them. Sounds racist on your part. Maybe you can better explain your sentiments because i can’t tell if you are being critical of the conservatives or the loony liberals. I guess it’s confusing for us “Deplorables”…

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    1. Thank you for taking the time, attention, and thought in writing your response. Joe Draego is not a white supremacist. He is a brown and black centrist. I am a white supremacist. Please, post the video showing that he did not make any contact with her face, and I will happily take down my posts. And, I don’t know who the “Deplorables” are, so I do not know how to explain things more clearly to them. Have a blessed day!


  2. Here is the link to the video showing her stealing his phone and Joe Draego retreiving the phone from a feloneous assault. You clearly see him snatch the phone out of the hands of the thief, immediately you see her walk away. At no time do you see her clutch her face or react to any kind of alleged assault. She was intent on getting away from herself being charged withcommiting an assault and theft charge. If she in fact was assaulted, with all the phones and cameras someone would have posted it or she would have gone and pressed charges….IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!

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    1. Thank you for the link. I looked at part four. As I saw it, Joe pushes the girl so she is bent over and does some sort of motion with his arm. You are right that you do not see the impact, because of the crowd gathering. However, when she leaves the area, a mark is above her lip. So, again I suggest you ask Joe why he made contact with her. Though, I guess he might say he did it, because she provoked him by stealing the phone.


      1. I looked at the video, froze the fame just as she turned around and you see a big SMILE on her face, like she thought she did something cool. Hardly the reaction of someone who had just been punched. I saw no red mark, maybe it was her mustache or beard you saw. I did not see anywhere here where i could post the picture or i would have. Give me your email address and i’ll send it to you.

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