He is useful. But, not to us.

His narrative centers Wes Bellamy and rich Muslim visitors controversies. He centers blackness and brownness.

No one really took Wes seriously until defending him became the right, white liberal and moderate black thing to do.

Wes’ embroilment in this twitter controversy emboldened him to back and win the Lee statue symbolic removal from Lee Park.

Bob Fenwick alluded to this when he said his deciding vote was due to the death threats Wes had received.

Jason took a token and made him a local legend or metaphoric martyr or at least a talking point.

Before Jason’s work, we had successfully centered our focus on Mike Signer and Kristen Szakos. We had effectively disappeared Wes into Kristen’s background or as an easy counter point to Mike’s pro-development, conservative agenda.

So, by putting Wes in the forefront as a rainmaker, I feel he has set back white supremacy in Charlottesville by at least ten years.

This happens when we put our egos before the movement.

People who are behind may ask, “Who is Jason without Wes?”

The more important question is “Who is Wes without Jason?”


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