Charlottesville, we must stop the oppression of those who uphold local history, constitutional democracy, art, and peace.

Charlottesville, we must move to integrity, honesty, and piety and away from radical Marxist narratives, politically correct rhetoric, and other un-values that mar the moral fabric of our community.

Charlottesville, we must do and be better.

Or, the war on our people will leave our wives, daughters, parents—-victims.

Do not be a casualty of change, be a hero!

Heroism comes in many forms.

Mine is of the every day/ordinary nature. I want to serve my community full time, but I need your help.

I want to redirect liberal media in our community by creating our own magazines, blogs, social media networks, podcasts, books, and shows.

Ultimately, I want to shut down those who would murder the best parts of ourselves and our society.

Please, consider funding my vision of bringing Charlottesville back to the light.

If you are interested in cultural uplift, please contact me about my fundraising endeavors @

Thank you for your time and attention!


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